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Hand Puppet Maori Boy

Hand Puppet Maori Boy

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Kia ora, I'm Tama.

I love to partake in Kapa Haka. I practice with my pouwhenua often and love to do a fierce whetero.

My favourite part of Kapa Haka is performing with my whanau and friends.

Designed in collaboration with a cultural integrity consultant, the puppets now better serve their intended purpose: "For the children of Aotearoa to see themselves and their peers represented"

This easy to use hand puppet is dressed in a traditional Māori kapa haka outfit. This puppet is soft and easy to use. The cushioning makes it comfortable for adults or children to use. The mouth can open and close. Puppets are a way for children to learn through play as well as re-enact and make sense of their everyday lives. Perfect for any home, school or early childhood centre.

Size of Puppet: 30cm tall x 19cm



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