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Dinosaur Waist Band Tail

Dinosaur Waist Band Tail

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This Dinosaur tail is approximately 33 cm long, (approximately 38cm long measured from top of waist band).


Wth a velcro adjustable waist band approximately 86 cm long,

The waist band has a large velcro strip making it versatile for a variety of sizes.

The velcro adjustable waist band approximately 87cm long.

Waist measurement on mannequin is 60cm

For smaller fittings you can tuck the excess velcro in.

Inspired Play Dress Ups ? Affordable Quality to Inspire and Educate Children.

Educational Benefits Of Dressing Up:

Encourages Creativity - When they are playing freely and trying on different personas, they are using their imaginations. The creativity isn't just in picking out what to wear. They are creating different scenarios to play through, often with inventive props. They are looking at things in new ways.

Language Skills - Often, you will be able to hear them telling their story through their dialogue. They aren't merely practicing funny voices. They are putting their language skills to good use.

Self Esteem & Confidence - Dressing up provides an opportunity to work through their feelings and even explore the feelings of others. When they are in their own little world they feel safe enough to explore the different emotions. They can use dress up play to make sense of the world by acting out and working through various problems.

Life skills - they are practising life skills. Changing into costumes is wonderful practice for younger children learning how to dress themselves. Tea parties are social affairs that call for manners and etiquette.

Enjoyment - Dressing up is fun! That is evident by the smiles, giggles, squeals, the roars and stomps. They are playing, and playing is important.

Parent Benefit - you are getting the opportunity to view how your child perceives the world. You get an insight to what has impacted them, the good and the bad.


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