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Hedgehog Finger Puppet

Hedgehog Finger Puppet

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Puppets have been a favourite throughout the ages among children and adults alike. Puppets capture the imaginations of their audiences. They have the ability to break down barriers providing an effective means to initiate communication. Puppets provide an essential connection between learning and play.

Children who experience difficulties in communication and interaction can be motivated to open up when working with puppets.

Educators recognise the value of puppets and use them extensively to develop various motor and social skills. Puppets can be used to successfully teach young children about so many things good manners, values, overcoming the fears that small children might experience and much more.

Puppet shows are another means of practicing role-playing with your child and offers an ideal opportunity to communicate new thoughts and feelings. It will help you in creating more positive behaviour by subtly changing the way a child thinks about certain situations.

Puppets also help keep a young child focused on an activity such as storytime.

Educational benefits of puppets:

Communication & social skills

Creative skills - It is through imaginative play that children come to understand the differences between fantasy and reality. The real world becomes more real to children who have opportunities to pretend.

Language skills - Whether children write their own stories or adapt one of their favourite stories into a play, story telling with puppets is one of the best ways for kids to build their reading, comprehension, and vocabulary skills, building on their ideas by introducing new words, their meanings and other information.

Role playing and much more!


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