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Jojo Siwa Mad Mia Dance Toddler Socks

Jojo Siwa Mad Mia Dance Toddler Socks

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Ages 3-5

Be a part of the Strong Girls Club and spread the good vibes with these stunning JoJo Siwa Peace, Love and Music socks! With contrasting black & rainbow colours, with real bows on top, everyone will want to join you in the Smart Girls Club!

About the brand:

MADMIA is a playful crazy socks brand that creates colourful socks for all ages. At MADMIA, we are looking to push limits and create designs that inspire and empower kids around the world.Proudly born in Australia, MADMIA produces playful crazy socks that creates colourful socks with the aim to inspire creativity and self-expression.

Toddler Socks

Most suitable size for children aged 3 - 5. If your little one is about to turn 6 soon we would recommend buying our standard 'Kids & Adults' size (for ages 6 - 99).

Washing & Care Instruction

Socks - Cold hand wash only with extra care with wings and other accessories.



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