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Kawasaki KI-61-II - Cobi WW2

Kawasaki KI-61-II - Cobi WW2

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The Kawasaki is a Japanese fighter from World War II. It was produced between 1943 and 1945. There were over 3,000 Kawasakis produced. This fighter was used for so-called ram attacks meaning they would fly their plane into the plane of the enemy in order to make the greatest impact. In the face of the enemy being able to overtake them, it was not uncommon to use this type of attack on a larger scale. Several would come together and form a Kamikaze.
The set includes a model of the plane, a figure of a pilot and a block stand. The fighter has a rotating propeller, retractable landing gear, movable flaps and pilots cockpit which can be easily opened to put a figure inside.
260 blocks
1 figure Japanese pilot
Block stand with printed name of the plane
Bodywork with pad printing
A sheet of stickers with historical symbols
Easy-to-follow instruction manual
Compatible with other leading brands of construction blocks
Model dimensions (length x width x height): 270mm x 335mm x 125mm


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