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Greetings in Maori - Magnetic

Greetings in Maori - Magnetic

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Magnetic Maori Greetings in Maori has 15 different sayings. It is written in Te Reo with English underneath.

Greetings include:

Kei te pehea Koe? (How are you? to 1 person),

Tena Korua (Hello to 2 people),

Tena Koe (hello to 1 person),

Haere mai (welcome/come here),

Tena Kotou (Hello to 3 or more people),

Haere ra (Goodbye to person who is leaving),

Tena kotou katoa (hello to you all)

Kei to pehea koe (How are you? to 1 person),

Kei to pai ahau (I am fine),

Koe ( Speaking to 1 person),

Hei kona (until then),

Mihi (acknowledgement),

Kotou (speaking to 3 or more people),

Nau mai (welcome/ come in),

Korua (speaking to 2 people),

Approximate Width is 5cm

19 pieces in total

*Learning Toolbox, affordable Maori Magnetic Resources


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