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M3 Grant Medium Tank - Cobi WW2

M3 Grant Medium Tank - Cobi WW2

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COBI-2391 M3 Grant
The M3 Grant was a British medium tank constructed for the sake of and the special order of British Army. It was named after the Civil War veteran and President of the United State, Ulysses S. Grant. Within a period of WW II, The M3 was mainly used in Africa and Middle East where despite its numerous disadvantages it supported the military missions of the Allies. The Grant had sand camouflage. The American version of the M3 was named the M3 Lee.

This new model from COBI is the perfect replication of this historic tank. It consists of numerous movable elements such as wheels, tracks, cannons that move up and down, rotating turret as well as hatches that can be opened. The set includes figure of a commander with accessories such as a hammer and hatchet. In addition, a special playing card with vehicle statistics can be found inside.

555 high quality blocks
1 figure of a soldier with accessories
A special playing card with vehicle statistics
Manufactured in the EU by a company with an over 20-year tradition of creating quality blocks
Conform to all safety standards created for toys
Fully compatible with other brands of construction blocks
Easy-to-follow and intuitive instruction manual
Model dimensions (length x width x height): 20 cm (7,9) x 11 cm (4,3) x 13,5 cm (5,8)

Box dimensions (length x width x height): 45 x 6 x 30,5 cm


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