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M8 Greyhound - Cobi WW2

M8 Greyhound - Cobi WW2

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The Greyhound M8 was an American 6x6 light armored vehicle produced by the Ford Motor Company during World War II. It was used by the US and British army in Europe and the Far East until the end of the war. Greyhound was a British nickname for the M8, but seldom if ever used by the US. It entered combat service with the Allies in 1943 to serve as the primary basic command and communication combat vehicle. The M8 was supposed to be a tank destroyer, hence, it was finally changed into an armored vehicle. Fords model T22E2 was the one to enter mass production. There were around 11,000 M8s produced.
The block vehicle by COBI has a rotating turret, a cannon that moves up and down, operable trapdoors at the front of the vehicle and bonnets at the back.
370 blocks
1 figure of an artilleryman
A block replica weapon: carabiner M1
Bodywork with pad printing
Easy-to-follow instruction manual
Compatible with other brands of construction blocks
Model dimensions (length x width x height): 200mm x 90mm x 95mm


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