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North American B-25C Mitchell - Cobi WW2

North American B-25C Mitchell - Cobi WW2

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The B-25C Mitchell was a medium American bomber used during World War II. Named for famed airpower pioneer Brigadier General William Billy Mitchell, it was a twin-tail, mid-wing land monoplane powered by two 1,700-horsepower Wright Cyclone engines. It had a wide fuselage with places for pilots next to each other. The most important changes made to B-25C version was adding autopilot, lugs under the wings for additional bombs or fuel tanks, and better engine.
This new COBI block model of the B-25C Mitchell has an to easy-to-open pilots cockpit, retractable landing gear, rotating flaps, and doors that can be opened to drop bombs.
500 blocks
2 figures RAF pilots
Bodywork with pad printing
A sheet of stickers
Easy-to-follow instruction manual
Compatible with other brands of construction blocks
Model dimensions (length x width x height): 425 mm x 485 mm x 140 mm


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