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North Wind Secret Base - Cobi Penguins

North Wind Secret Base - Cobi Penguins

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Pieces: 150

Figures: 2

Age: 5+

Build North Wind Secret Base!

The set contains 150 pieces, Skipper and Private figures.

There you will find two Penguin heroes riding the snowmobile.

Featuring a secret entrance to the base. In addition, there is a blocking barrier.

Join the Penguins of Madagascar for a challenging Special Mission in Antarctica.

A great addition to the extended COBI Penguins of Madagascar collection.

Cobi - Interlocking blocks - build your own adventure.

COBI is a European manufacturer of high quality construction blocks, compatible with leading block brands.

Cobi Blocks - Are the largest manufacturer of construction blocks in Central and Eastern Europe with sales offices in several countries.

Cobi blocks are entirely made in Poland based on European resources. Each production stage follows strict quality standards, which are certified by the European laboratories.

Educational Benefits - COBI construction blocks are not just attractively designed and safe, but also carry educational benefits - developing childrens imagination, creative thinking, perceptiveness and manual skills!


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