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STUG III Ausf. G - Cobi WW2

STUG III Ausf. G - Cobi WW2

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2465 Sturmgeschtz III Ausf. G
The Sturmgeschtz III Ausf. G was a German tank destroyer in WWII. It was inexpensive to make so it was produced on a massive-scale. The Version G was the final and most numerous produced of all there were nearly 8,000 units made. Initially, it was supposed to act as a support for the infantry but later it became equipped with a cannon capable of destroying soviet tanks.
This historically accurate block model has a barrel that moves up and down, operable trap door and bonnet. Additional equipment include a shovel, pickaxe, spare tracks, grenade, binoculars and machine guns.
400 blocks
2 figures shooter and German tank driver
Block replica of weapon a gun Walter PP, machine gun MP 40 and MG 34
Bodywork with pad printing
Easy to follow instruction manual
Compatible with other leading brands of construction blocks
Model dimensions: 242mm x 123mm x 100mm (length x width x height)


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