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Bayer Style Pram with Handbag - Pink & Grey

Bayer Style Pram with Handbag - Pink & Grey

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This modern doll's pram has a beautiful design. Its plastic carry case is suitable for dolls up to 46cm. Due to its adjustable handle, this doll's pram is easily adaptable to your child's height. The carry case can be placed in direction of the child or in travel direction. The carry case‘s cover will protect the doll from sun and wind. The swivel front wheels are perfect for a stable cornering. The matching accompanying bag has enough space to store accessories. For more storage space the integrated plastic shopping basket is also perfect to keep everything stored which is need for an excursion.
Handle height (cm): 58-70.5 cm,
Product Measurements (cm): 68 x 40 x 63


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