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Bayer Twin Dolls Pram - Pink & Grey MEGA DEAL

Bayer Twin Dolls Pram - Pink & Grey MEGA DEAL

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The twin dolls pram is suitable for dolls up to 46 cm. With its adjustable handle (62 - 79 cm) this tandem pram is easily adaptable to your child's height; also it's possible to mount each seat in direction of travel or towards your child. Therefore it is also possible that the dolls can face each other. Furthermore the twin dolls pram has a reversible handle, thus the handle can be easily moved on both sides. The dolls‘ seats have a sun roof and an integrated belt to protect the doll from falling. The pivoted front wheels guarantee a stable cornering. The big integrated basket has a plastic cover to keep everything inside even on uneven areas. For transportation purposes the twin dolls pram can easily be folded.
Handle height (cm): 68-80,
Product Measurements (cm): 81.5 x 41.5 x 81


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