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Vickers Wellington - Cobi WW2

Vickers Wellington - Cobi WW2

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The Vickers Wellington is a twin-engine British medium bomber. The plane was built utilizing an unconventional construction that used lattice that was covered with canvas. Its advantage was superb durability and very low weight. This was proven with the planes resistance to damages. The Mk IC version was a large-series, it had two more machine guns mounted in the trapeze window on the fuselage sides.
This new model of the Vickers Mk. 1c by COBI has retractable landing gear, rotating flaps, easy-to-open pilots cockpit and carabines at the back. On the undercarriage theres an operable hatch with 4 bombs.
560 blocks
2 figures of RAF pilots
A sheet of stickers
Bodywork with pad printing
Easy-to-follow instruction manual
Compatible with other brands of construction blocks
Model dimensions (length x width x height): 470 x 540 x 115mm


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